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It's easier said than done.

We are able to set out complete and customized planning proposals realized with state-of-the-art graphic software in a very short time.


More real than the real thing.

On demand, we can provide the rendering of the setting with engaging graphics in order to make your project look even more real.


Operational flexibility at your service.

Using the bar code and the optical scanner for the automated management of the manufacturing process allows us to reduce considerably manufacturing times and to speed up the warehousing and forwarding stages.

Order tracking

Setting things in order. In real time.

The optical scanner makes it possible to track and monitor the progress made by the order and the relevant forwarding in real time: this ensures precise and on time delivery.

Customized label

The new logic of logistics.

Every parcel has a label with a description of the content, a reference to the customer and all the data of the order, and it can be easily customized to meet your logistic and organizational needs.

Prompt delivery

No more long wait.

Thanks to our large and fully computerized warehouse, there is a stock of finished products of every collection ready for prompt delivery. Moreover, it is possible to see the available inventory in real time.

Special products

The highest level of customization.

On demand, we are able to make special adjustments to dimensions and standard finishes in order to obtain products which respond perfectly to your needs.

After sale

Our password: simplicity.

Everything is easy with Uffix: the assembly, made easier by clear and precise instructions, the assured availability of products in the future, the ongoing technical updating and the counselling for the setting up of fairs or show-rooms.