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Standing out in office furnishings since 1963

Our mission: exclusiveness

Uffix is a modern and dynamic company specialized in the design and manufacturing of office furniture, which operates according to a specific philosophy: the search of unparalleled quality, by using top class raw materials in order to get to the highest standards as far as aesthetic aspect, functionality and comfort are concerned.

Global evolution

At the beginning of its activity, Uffix operated on the national and European markets. The company then started to grow gradually and steadily and, from a craft dimension, it turned into the present industrial one.

Uffix is now a manufacturing company in which ancient tradition mixes perfectly with sophisticated and cutting edge technologies, and which aims at the highest expressiveness of the product through research and innovation.

Building on its experience, Uffix expanded progressively its success all over the world and became a leading company in its own sector, thus showing its international vocation. Nowadays, the export quota accounts for over 70% of the turnover, also thanks to the presence of the company at the major national and international fairs of the sector.

The unique Italian style

The wide range of collections, completed by the Sacma catalogue – a Uffix trademark – is a perfect synthesis of the elements which make "made in Italy" products famous worldwide: imagination, creativity, innovation, quality materials and state-of-the-art technological standards.

Uffix products are characterized by a design which sometimes favours harmonious and rounded lines, and other times prefers rigorous and essential ones. They are two different aesthetic languages created to dialogue in a customized way with space, but they are united by a unique, sophisticated and exclusive style.

This is the cosmopolite and universal Uffix style, which is born from different experiences and ideas, and from the historic cooperation with world-famous designers.

It is a continuous comparison which creates new tendencies and new interpretations to "live the office", seen not only as a work place but also as an "environment", a meeting place for ideas, emotions and life styles.