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Aiming at perfection

Technology requires technology: an ongoing updating

Uffix has always meant sophistication and glamour: these specific aspects are born form the belief that a quality product synthesizes an original and innovative planning idea, which, nonetheless, would be successful only if developed by a technologically advanced and flexible structure.

Uffix manufacturing process has been planned through an integration of the working centres by using state-of-the-art IT systems, among which there is the bar code for the automated management of the production flow. At the same time, a tested system of strict controls has been planned in order to certify that the products are consistent with the expected specifications.

The excellent quality of raw materials is a fundamental prerequisite: in particular the wood Uffix uses is carefully selected directly at the place of origin, and then it undergoes more checks during the phases of introduction and transformation in the process. All these controls are carried out in order to ensure that the performances and characteristics of the material will last in time. This kind of technological approach requires an ongoing updating of the manufacturing processes and systems; this takes place through a rigorous planning of industrialization techniques and constant investments in research and innovation.

We believe this is of essential importance to create collections which meet our customers' needs, and, above all, that this is the best method to create value.