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Exploring new creative horizons

When innovation becomes emotion

Technical and scientific research, aiming at the greatest expressiveness of the product, is a key value in which Uffix believes strongly and which is a prerequisite to manufacture successful products.

It is a value clearly expressed by the elegant and sophisticated style of Uffix collections, which show a balanced mix of creativity, cutting edge technology, skilful manufacturing of the materials and a passion for design.

It is a successful mix, born from the cooperation with famous design engineers and designers who share with us the emotion of looking for new ideas and stylistic interpretations.

Continuous innovation is an essential prerequisite to enhance the creative intuition which stands at the base of every new collection. Uffix renews every day its exciting research in the field of materials and colour matching, and it pays special attention to sense and perceptive aspects. New colours and finishes are thus experimented, using different shades and tones, which create captivating lighting effects.

All of this is part of the Uffix world, a lively and composite world, a place which is dynamic and in progress, characterized by exclusiveness and sophistication.

This is the creative spirit with which Uffix looks at the surrounding universe every day, a world where emotions, cultures and life styles meet and mix: it expresses the wish of gaining new knowledge, of finding new aesthetic languages, it is the curiosity which leads to explore new creative horizons.

This is the emotion of Uffix style.