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Quality as a philosophy

Company quality

Target: Complete excellence

Uffix final target is creating value, intended not only as quality and designer's furniture, but also as harmonic interaction with the surrounding environment.


Indeed, we strongly believe that our offer cannot be limited just to the production of goods, but it must ensure also an accurate and professional service to our customers: this requires the greatest attention to understand and meet their needs and to set out timely targeted servicing programs.

This is the reason why, for years, Uffix has been developing a quality system certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 norm. It has thus provided its structure with an efficient instrument to manage and monitor the company internal and external processes and, moreover, it uses certified suppliers: in this way it reaches top-level quality standards.

The product quality

Ergonomics and comfort at your service

Before being launched on the market, all Uffix products undergo systematic inspections and strict tests carried out at accredited laboratories such as CATAS, the internationally renowned research and analysis laboratory, and they get the GOST certificate for the CIS market. The tests, carried out in compliance with UNI norms and the law in force, certify the mechanical and functional resistance of the items tested (writing desks, cabinets, containers and finishing).

Quality of life

Greater attention to people and environment.

Everything starts at the planning stage: design shows the aim of creating products with original and engaging lines able to satisfy modern organizational needs. The materials, which ensure high levels of quality and performance, are of natural origin (wood, glass, leather…) or of industrial one (laminated plastic, melamine plastic…) and, in any case, they are in keeping with strict requirements of environmental protection as far as emission and recycling power are concerned. The manufacturing stage uses processes which respect people and the environment and it is continuously monitored through strict tests to check conformity to the expected specifications.